The perfect landscape – soothing or vibrant, brilliant or subdued – emerges from an artful use of nature’s elements.

The Right Plant, the Right Place

Plants, shrubs and trees need a range of conditions to thrive: proper soil, correct moisture and drainage, sun or shade or both. The right plant is the correct size and shape and provides just the right amount of shade at maturity.

The Right Look All Year Long

All plant materials should make each other shine because they go together well, colors complement other colors and the landscape has something green growing all year long. Evergreen plants and shrubs provide fill-in color when other plants drop their leaves, and flowers with different blooming times add color for long periods.

Mix and match

Variety adds interest, texture and sensory delights. Too much variety, however, creates chaos and sensory overload. Carefully chosen native grasses can be wonderful accents to a formal landscape, but indiscriminate mixes of styles and species can look like a freeway pileup.

housestairsStyle and Shapes

Gardens with straight or curved perimeters, plants, shrubs and trees of varying heights, rock gardens, formal gardens or the English garden’s organized disorganization with abundant wild flowers – whichever you choose, the style and shapes should be repeated throughout. As with the architectural style of a home and its value, the landscape should be a pleasing addition to the personality of the neighborhood.

The Nature of Things

Even the most formal landscape can be environmentally friendly, with plants and gardens that nurture nature. Native plants, trees and gardens attract wildlife and even add to habitat. Enlarged natural or mulched areas can replace high-maintenance lawns. Residential and commercial landscapes alike can be designed in harmony with nature.

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