Succulents, a treasure of the Californian flora

Succulents are plants that attract a lot of attention due to their structure and their thick and fleshy leaves store water as well as in their stems and roots. California’s climate and soils are perfect for succulents that prefer the dry heat of summer and humid winter.

By: Facundo Oviedo

There are about 60 succulent botanical families that are distributed throughout the world in different varieties and families. They can be small shrubs or large trees, but what makes them different from other plants is that they do not need daily care like most species. This makes them an excellent option for the design of parks and gardens since their maintenance is convenient in terms of costs and time. They are low-maintenance plants, ideal for those who do not have much time to dedicate to the park.

Succulents do not require daily watering since being basically composed of a large amount of water stored in their leaves, stems and roots, they can live for quite a long time without watering. In fact, there is a possibility that if overwatered they will perish. With good drainage most species and types of succulents can be watered once a week in summer and every 3 weeks during winter time should be more than enough.

They are also plants that need a lot of sunlight, so they are ideal for spaces that don’t have protection or shelter from the sun. For indoor succulents, they should always be near windows where they are exposed to a source of natural light. Some species do not need to be directly exposed to the sun, since coming from wooded or jungle areas, they are used to the shade of the trees.

Succulents need healthy and well-drained soil, since although they are great accumulators of water, excess water in their soil can be lethal. Likewise, most succulents cannot stand frost or cold.

In general, succulents are durable plants, especially in a climate like California. We recommend them to our clients who don’t have much time to dedicate to plants.

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