What would happen with the good weather days without a cozy space outside? A place to take refuge after a stormy workday or to share with friends or family. The garden is that place and the conception from its design must be oriented towards the functional, modern and of course aesthetics.

By: Facundo Oviedo

Usually we put all our energy into the choice of furniture and lighting for our outdoor spaces, but we rarely pay attention to the fact that the design of the park should also be modern and follows the design aesthetic of furniture chosen. Garden design can also be modern and highly versatile as well.

We need a quiet and relaxing area and plants are an excellent visual and stress reliever. A correct selection of plants and a balanced design that distributes them correctly in the space will give you that immediate comfort with just a glance. That is why in modern garden design, plants with vibrant foliage are usually highlighted, causing instant relief and transmitting calm and tranquility.

Grass and flowers also play a very important role. In modern gardens the use of straight and curved lines is important. Trends such as minimalism, clear lines and the use of materials such as concrete create a very interesting contrast that always stands out. Likewise, gravel can be incorporated for the same purpose. The contrast of textures also helps to delimit areas such as circulation corridors or relaxation areas.

A good tip is that when you redesign an outdoor area, think about the activities you usually do there. If you practice yoga, for example, it would be important to create a small corner protected by plants where you can practice this discipline covered from the sun. If, on the other hand, you enjoy sunbathing by a pool, placing nearby bushes will help you regulate the temperature of the surrounding area. Thinking about the uses of the spaces will help you choose the best options for your park and garden design.

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